Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lavender Essential Oil and Shea Butter "Butterfly Swirl"

This batch was specially made for a friend who loves Lavender Essential oil.  Thank you "M" for your order.  "M" wants her soap to be colorful and the addition of shea butter made the soap feels great to the skin and visually look so creamy.

Colors used were brown, white, green, yellow, pink and lavender. Scented with Lavender Essential oil.

After pouring the white base, I alternate the different colors in the middle of the mold.

Covered the colors with white so the colors are not seen on top and will allow me to play with the top without disturbing the design inside.  Then using the kids regular straw size play thing that I know they will not miss, I inserted the straw thingy and drag out a little swirl with it.

I have no definite reason about the way I colored the top.  This is what my instinct told me to do and I just added the different colors the way I brain told me.

This was how the colors end up after I used up all the leftover soap batter.

Gave the colors a little swirl through out the mold.

Made another swirl diagonally.

Removed the soap after two days in the mold just to be sure they come out intact.  Nothing got stuck.

I am so happy with how it turned out.  Hope "M" is happy with them.

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