Hello, I am so glad you dropped by.

This blog will chronicle my soap making journey.

The Mango fruit in my logo represents my favorite Mango Butter ingredient which is included in most of the products.  KCK is the initials of both my kids.

While helping my mother-in-law at craft shows vending her handmade jewelries, I came across a few soap makers.  It got me curious and I started looking at how-to videos online, reading other soap making blogs, books and online webstores selling handmade soaps.  The soaps are very good to look at and descriptions about the ingredients added and how you get to decide what you want added, tempted me to finally try the craft. 

I started by making fun, decorative melt and pour soaps in September of 2013 and now I am hooked with the cold process as well.  It took me a while to get the courage, but I finally made it in January of 2014.  I found that weighing and mixing the different ingredients and watching it turn out to become something beautiful and useful is very enjoyable and quite addictive.

Please join me in this journey.  I hope you drop by every now and then and give me your feedback and suggestions. 

Thank you for visiting.



  1. Hi! Your soaps are really pretty! I can fully understand the addiction - I'm been soaping for about three years now and I love it - obsessed is a good word for it. :) I'm curious about your shop name - are you in the Kansas City area by chance? "KCK" is local slang for my neck of the woods here in KC.

    1. Hello Angie, I just browsed through your blog and I am glad to meet like minded people. We understand our obsessions, hehehe.
      KCK is my kids initials really. Nothing to do with Kansas City at all. I am in Michigan.